• 1. NO glitter/confetti during shoots

  • 2.Clients who are under the age of 18 must bring a legal guardian or parent to the shoot

  • (This is non-negotiable)

  • 3. Props are only to be used if rented by IcedUp Studios staff member.

  • 4.There is a 15 minute grace period! After the grace period, there will be a $25 late fee. After 30 minutes and the client has not shown up, the session is canceled AUTOMATICALLY! (Be mindful that you ma not be the only client for that day.)

  • 5. Please clean up all trash before leaving the studio , any trash that is left out will require a cleaning fee ranging anywhere from $25-250.

  • 6. Return all props , lighting equipment , and etc to where it was when you arrived.



  • 2. All shoots are studio shoots unless an outdoor shoot is booked OR communicated with the

  • photographer. If you want additional people to be apart of your shoot but not in its entirely , there is a $20 extra fee per person.

  • 3. Additional photo retouches are $25 per photo.

  • 4.Rights to all photos to be published, edited by a third party , or used for commercial /promotional use is the same price as the shoot.

  • 5.A $150 rush fee is available for clients who would like their pictures expedited within 2-3 days after their shoot. If a client would like their pictures under 24hrs, that fee is $200.

Edits & TurnAround Time

  • Clients will receive all proofs via email 2-3 days after their shoot.

  • - The turn around time for edited photos is 10-14 business days (does not include Saturday and Sunday). The client has 48hrs after proofs have been sent to select photos to be edited to receive them within the turnaround time.

  • - Images to be edited that is sent after a week will require an extra week to be edited and images sent after the turnaround time will require an extra two weeks to be completed.

  • - I ask that all clients do not post unedited pictures or add a filter on ANY pictures provided as this is a form of copyright Infringement.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation Policy and Rescheduling:

  • - If a client is needing to cancel their photoshoot and reschedule , the client can cancel at anytime, as long as its not within 48hrs (2days) before the shoot.

  • Shoots that are canceled within the 48-24hr window will require the client to book a new appointment and pay a new deposit. All last minute cancellations will not be allowed to reschedule. Nevertheless , the client can pay a last minute cancellation fee of $75 (Day of the shoot) and will not be required to submit a new deposit if the cancellation is not within 24hrs of the scheduled shoot.

  • -All shoots canceled within 24hrs will not be allowed to pay the las minute fee , and will have to book a new session with a new deposit.

  • After the second reschedule or cancellation shoot the client will not be able to reschedule and will have to book a new shoot and pay a new deposit.

  • **If needing to reschedule due for emergencies only (such as early pregnancies or sickness due to Covid-19 symptoms), deposits will be held for 60 days after the original shoot date. Once the date has expired, a new deposit will be required**