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The IcedUp Experience is a moment of luxury, class and elegance. It’s more then a photoshoot , it’s an experience. Imagine yourself as a celebrity for a day, in a luxury setting , your favorite outfit , and having your images captured by a celebrity photographer with 10+ years of experience. The IcedUp Experience comes with all of the tools needed for a success session for your brand/business.


Who Is The IcedUp Experience For?

The IcedUp Experience is for Upscale brands and businesses that care about the image of their brand. Our clients love to enjoy the finer things in life, and look good while doing it?


Why should I Book the IcedUp Experience?

If you’re looking for that photo shoot experience that’s going to have all of your friends , family and followers bragging about how good you look , and amazing you did, then The IcedUp Experience is for you. This is more then a photoshoot , this is an experience made for this who enjoy luxury , class , and elegance. If this is you Scroll down and book your session today.



It's always a pleasure working with IcedUp Photography they are so professional and I always love my images!




Thanks IcedUp Mike I love all of my photos you are the best !!!



My bro IcedUp Mike keeps me looking good with those professional shots. I Appreciate you!